Sublimation is a process of imprinting a design all over the material of a fiber-based product before product assembly. Sublimation is a popular decorating option for jerseys and uniforms, but we can also sublimate promo products like koozies and bandanas, or environmental graphics like flags, pop up tents, or tablecloths. Sublimation takes a brand from being something applied to a product, to being an immersive part of a completely custom product. Our art team can create a show-stopping sublimated design for your brand.


Full sublimation jerseys are different from traditional screen printed or embroidered jerseys because the design is not just printed on the surface of the fabric, but it is actually infused into the fibers of the fabric. This means that the design will not crack, peel or fade over time, and it will not affect the breathability or comfort of the jersey.

promo products

Full sublimation promotional products are popular because they allow for full customization of the design with no limitations. They can include logos, text, and images and can also be made in any color or style. Additionally, the design is infused into the fibers of the material, which means that it will not crack, peel or fade over time.

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