Our minimum is one, we can’t do less than one. For a speciality material like glitter, individual names or numbers on a jersey, or one-off custom pieces, fusion printing is for you.

Fusion printing is a method of fusing the design to a garment with heat. This is not like those iron-ons from the 1990’s, this process is high heat, high pressure, high precision. Fusion printing is excellent for glitter designs or special techniques like flocking or foil. Do you have a bridal party that needs a different shirt for each person? Fusion printing is for you. Fusion printing is also great for corporate apparel like polos and quarter zips if you’re wanting a sleek, modern look.

heat transfer

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) is a type of vinyl material that is used to create custom designs and graphics on textiles and fabrics.

glitter flake

Glitter Flake vinyl is a type of heat transfer vinyl (HTV) that has glitter flakes embedded in the vinyl material. It is used to create a sparkly, glittery effect on fabrics. The process of using glitter flake vinyl is similar to regular HTV, but the unique texture of the glitter flakes creates a different finish.


Direct to film (DTF) printing is a process used for high-resolution, full-color printing with a wide color gamut. It is a digital printing method that uses specialized inkjet technology to print designs directly onto a film material.

specialty items

This technique is all about precision and what a coincidence, because so are we. We combine screenprinting and embroidery for a multi-layered effect. Or maybe try rhinestones and embroidery for a platinum level look.

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