What Your Print Location Says About You

Full Front

You’re classic and traditional. You know what works and are sticking to it. You’re a little bit leery of change, but that’s not a bad thing in most cases. You think about dying your hair a lot, but have never gone through with it.

Right Sleeve

You need people to know you’re cool. Are you cool? Maybe. You probably have three other locations already on your shirt. You definitely have told us about that hunting trip, or your boat, or how your neighbors grass is always too long. 


You’re not sure if you need this print, but don’t want to offend your friend Tyler by leaving it off the shirt. You’re a little bit extra sometimes, but in a fun and quirky way. You’ve been told to shush during a movie in the last 3 months. 

Locker Tag

You’re one classy dude. You know that subtlety can bring a lot of attention. You’ve probably had a mai tai somewhere tropical, but you don’t brag about it.

on the pocket

You’ve got calluses on your hands and you worked hard for them. You know that sometimes you need to prioritize function over form. Practical and hard working, we love to see it. 

Right Side

You definitely identified with some sort of “counter culture” while growing up. You’ve got some good ideas and a creative feather in your cap. You think about dying your hair a lot, and always go through with it. 

left side

You had a sibling who identified with some sort of “counter culture” while growing up, and you haven’t stopped thinking about how cool they were. Also a creative person, but in a more refined, almost bureaucratic way. 

Full Back

You understand that what sells is location, location, location. You’ve got big ideas and need big ways to share that idea. You’re the type to strike up conversations with strangers and make them feel like an old friend. 

left Front

You’re a consummate professional, always ready to discuss your brand. You don’t need something loud and attention seeking to get your ideas across because you have your elevator pitch down pat. 

Right Sleeve Long

Sometimes subtlety is important, but not to you. You want your message to be seen, heard, felt, smelt, and much more. You’ve probably seen all of the Die Hard movies, including the bad ones. 

Left Sleeve Long

You specifically chose a long sleeved item so you could print here. You have a cool saying or catch phrase with two of your friends. Sometimes you can be a bit too much but the people who love you look past it 

Lower Back

Yes. We see your butt.

Right Front

You’re into name brands and won’t settle for less. You probably brought this item in to us from your favorite retail store and made sure to tell us how good of a deal you got on it. Learning popcorn is considered a health snack when not drowned in butter was one of the top ten best days of your life. 

Right Wrist

You’re right-handed and know the value of a firm handshake in a first impression. You want to be unique without having to say it. You probably only have one other location printed on this shirt. 

Left Wrist

You appreciate subtlety more than that “flashy old locker tag”. You’re nostalgic for a specific restaurant from your youth that closed down at least 5 years ago. 


You ooze cool. You know a thing or two about a thing or two when it comes to alternative branding. Life has thrown you curveballs and you’ve either crushed them or dodged out of the way. 

 The above joking aside, we specialize in making sure every project that leaves our doors is unique and leaves a lasting impression. An easy way to do this is to change up the location of where we are printing. And moreover, people are more likely to keep wearing the gear you create if it’s more retail focused. Think unique decoration styles and locations, fashion focused garments, and trendy colors.

 If your customers keep wearing the gear past the event or intended use, that’s free billboards walking around sharing your message. Apparel that transitions from the office to evening activities seamlessly is free marketing. If your giveaway race tee becomes a runner’s favorite workout gear, that’s zero-cost advertising for next year’s race aimed right at the audience you want to bring in. Your cost per touch marketing does not apply to just social media and traditional advertising, but also the branded apparel and promotional products you’re already investing in. Might as well make it do work for you too.