It's Just a Shirt

an Ode to the Easy Stuff.

If there’s one thing we are definitely not great at, it’s brain surgery. We’ve tried, get queasy just holding the scalpel, we don’t even know what we’d do if we actually got to the brain part.

We’ve officially decided to give up the brain surgeon dream and keep printing shirts.

The thing is, shirts are important to your story and that makes them important to us. But we also know they’re not as important as your brain; we’re slinging ink on shirts, not brain surgery. So we try not to take ourselves too seriously or make too big a deal out of what we do, while also making sure we’re delivering a superior product.

Keeping the mentality of “It’s Just a Shirt” helps keep our head cool if we’ve got an angry customer. It’s just a shirt, it can be replaced. It’s just a shirt, we can make it right. We’ve had customers tell us we’ve ruined Christmas because the shirt they want is not in stock from our manufacturer, but it’s just a shirt. We don’t actually have the power to ruin Christmas, at least not with shirts. I’m sure trying to start up a political discussion at the holiday dinner or attempting brain surgery under the tree might do it.

It’s just a shirt, so when our team, that’s very passionate and meticulous about everything they produce, has a human moment and messes up an order, it’s not going to be life or death like on the operating table. We can simply order another shirt and fix it. May set us back and cost more, but it’s just not too serious, there’s an easy solution.

Now that I’ve convinced you it’s just a shirt, let’s talk about when a shirt is not just a shirt. Hang tight, there’s a part 2.

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