Screen printing

We are hecka picky with our screen printing because you deserve the best. T-shirts, hoodies, jerseys, koozies, and tons more. We can do that.

Screen printing is a method of apparel decoration that uses a stencil on a mesh screen to transfer ink onto a garment. It’s the most durable option for printing and the most cost effective for more than 12 garments in an order.

Plastisol Ink

Plastisol Ink is the most common used in screen printing. It’s made from liquid plastic and cured through a high-heat dryer. We can print a lot more than T-shirts though. Hoodies, tank tops, bags, koozies, bandanas; just ask and we’ll make it happen.

Softhand Additive

Softhand is an additive we can put into a plastisol base that thins out the opacity and makes it really soft. Ask for this option if you’re looking for a t-shirt that looks and feels like your favorite vintage thrift find.

Puff Additive

Puff additive is just like it sounds: puffy. This can create a cool effect to your print and give it a 3D element. Try this on sweatshirts or sweatpants for a tactile addition to your orders.

UV Ink

If you’re looking to turn your t-shirt into magic, try UV Ink. When you step into the sun, your design will change color. We like making previously invisible things show up with a few solar rays. Always be yourself, unless you can be a magician. Then definitely be a sun-wielding magician version of yourself.

Glitter Ink

Need your shirt to express your glittery personality? We can do that. If you want to turn your glitter effect up to eleven, try a fusion print option for a real pow.

Glow In The Dark

No spooky stuff here, we can make your shirt light the way in the dark. Just ask and we’ll make it happen!

Beer Ink

This technology is exclusive to P&M Apparel. Why? Because we created it. One day we asked ourselves how cool it would be to take our brewery clients’ real creations and make them printable. Very cool, we said to ourselves. So experiments and science and math happened. We created ink that smells and looks like beer, because... it is beer. It’s not for everybody, but if you’re looking for that bready, malty goodness to remind people that your beer is delicious, let’s science some up.

Don’t see your idea in the above list?

Share your big dreams with us and we’ll get to work to make it a reality!