It's Not Just a Shirt

an Ode to the Hard Stuff.

Okay but as soon as I convince you it’s just a t-shirt, I’m flipping the switch. Because sometimes, a shirt is not just a shirt. And this is where our passion for this business shines.

Sometimes, a shirt is actually a representation of the little league team you dreamed of your kid one day playing on. Sometimes a shirt is a symbol of the business you poured all your blood, sweat, and tears into for countless late nights and weekends to get it off the ground. Sometimes a shirt is a stand in unity for someone you love fighting a battle against cancer. Sometimes a shirt is a rally for funds to help a family get through a hard time.

Sometimes, a shirt is SO much more than just a shirt.

And this is where our drive to be meticulous and to care too much about our product comes in handy. Because we want you to feel like we care about your project as much as you care about your project. In my time here, I’ve seen our staff cry over a shirt because the message was so heartbreaking, I’ve seen my team volunteer for events just because they resonated so much with the ethos. We’ve donated ten of thousands of dollars, bought bikes for kids, we’ve stayed at the shop until all hours making sure a project gets finished. We become friends with our clients, recommend and promote their endeavors on our social media and off time, we’ve invited some of them to weddings.

It’s not just a shirt, it’s a relationship, built with trust and an understanding that we aren’t just looking to turn a buck, we care about your success. Sometimes the jobs we’re working on are full of heavy content or very personal to our client. We want to embrace the hard stuff and honor how much a shirt can mean to you.

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