Embroidery is where we got our start more than three decades ago in the P&M basement, so you could say we’re pretty good at it. Baseball caps, beanies, Jackets, work shirts, corporate apparel: we can do that. 

Embroidery is a method of decoration that stitches designs onto a garment with needle and thread. Picture what your grandma used to do at home, but at a rate of 1,000 stitches a minute. If you’re looking to take your apparel to the next level, embroidery is the high class way to go. We can handle all kinds of gear like bags, beanies, hats, fanny packs, coats, polos, backpacks. We’ve even been known to embroider on rolls of toilet paper. 

Flat Embroidery

Flat embroidery will look a little more raised than screenprinting, but it will mostly be a tight weave on your garment. We digitize all our embroidery in house so we can control where every stitch hits, ensuring your design looks incredible. 

3D Embroidery

3D Embroidery is an effect that pops the design off the garment into a tactile and dramatic look with a layer of foam underneath the thread. This look is especially popular with sports teams to give your whole jersey package an amazing edge. Probably helps you win more games. 


Applique Embroidery is a technique the involves stitching fabric onto a garment and then embroidering the border. You see this effect a lot in baseball jerseys or retro sweatshirts. Try it out with our glitter material for a dance or cheer stunner piece. Use it for a patch effect on hats and beanies. Leave the edges open for a frayed raw look. 

Mixed Media

This technique is all about precision and what a coincidence, because so are we. We combine screenprinting and embroidery for a multi-layered effect. Or maybe try rhinestones and embroidery for a platinum level look.

Don’t see your idea in the above list? 

Share your big dreams with us and we’ll get to work to make it a reality!